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Ridgefield Little League Player/Coach Skills Matrix using AL & AL Baseball Instruction Method
RLL Suggested Division Use
CORE SKILL AREAS Manual Reference T-Ball Coach / Pitch A-Ball AA-Ball AAA-Ball Majors
Age Level 5yr 6yr 7-8yr 8-10yr 9-12yr 10-12yr
fun exercise routine Getting Started X X
full stretching & exercise routine Basic X X X X
pre-game & pre-practice routine Advanced X X
proper 1-step technique from the pivot position Getting Started X X
full wind-up motion Basic X X X X
grip and throw; fastball; change-up Advanced X X
pitching from full wind-up and set positions Advanced X X
from a base, through a base, around the bases Getting Started X X
basic fundamentals of baserunning, no lead offs Basic X X X X
taking a lead-off1 and stealing from each base Advanced X
straight-in bent leg slide Basic X X
pop-up, hook and fade away Advanced X X
fundamentals of hitting and hitting off a tee Getting Started X X
grip; stances; straight away, open Basic X X X X
distance from the plate and bat coverage Basic X X X X
the technique of the complete swing Basic X X X X
pull hitting, hitting straight away, hitting to the opposite field Advanced X X
sacrifice bunt; square around and pivot technique Basic X X X
drag, push and squeeze bunt techniques Advanced X X
safe & proper technique for receiving ground balls Getting Started X X
safe & proper technique for catching fly balls Getting Started X X
complete fielding & throwing technique straight on ground balls Basic X X X X
catching fly balls on the run; forehand, backhand Basic X X X X
how to wear the equipment Getting Started X X
catching position and receiving the ball Getting Started X X
making the play at the plate Getting Started X X
relaxed and ready positions, blocking a ball straight on Basic X X X X
throwing technique to each base, tag play at the plate Basic X X X X
catching a pop-up, making a play on a pass ball Basic X X X X
receiving and framing the pitch, giving signs Advanced X X
blocking the ball; to the left and right Advanced X X
fielding bunts, double play foot work, intentional walks2 Advanced X X
     1st/2nd/3rd/Shortstop Bases:
fielding positions, cut-off and relay technique Advanced X X
defending the bunt, double play technique Advanced X X
double play footwork and throws Advanced X X
pick-off play techniques Advanced X X
First - footwork at 1st base and technique for receiving throws Advanced X X
Second - receiving throws at 2nd and 1st base Advanced X X
Third - receiving throws at 3rd, defending the bunt technique Advanced X X
Shortstop - receiving throws at 2nd and 3rd base Advanced X X
1-step motion Getting Started X X
grip and 2-step motion, for short, medium, long throws Basic X X X X
     Drills and Fun Activities
for each of the 7 skills included Getting Started X X
     How to organize a practice and game
how to make practices and games fun! Getting Started X X
     Fun Practice Planner
a practice planner framework Getting Started X X
     Practice Drills:
multiple drills for each position for the 10 skills Basic X X X X X
     Practice Plans:
practice planning framework and sample set of plans Basic X X X X X
     Coaches Checklist:
coaching tips sheet for all 10 skills Basic X X X X X
     Offensieve & Defensive Game Strategies:
complete offensive/defensive system of play, multiple situations Advanced X X
     Coaching at 1st & 3rd:
coaching base runners Advanced X X
coaching signals Advanced X X
making a line-up Advanced X X
1 - Little League rules do not allow leading prior to pitch crossing the plate (Majors Division)
2 - Little League rules allow intentianal walks but do not require a pitch to be thrown (Majors Division)